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As the dollar wanes, the U.S. economy stumbles, and the domestic stock market stagnates, Americans are beginning to realize they need to look elsewhere for the best investments. Among all the global options available to investors, one country easily stands out among the rest: China. The former Communist nation is experiencing an unprecedented economic boom -- the Chinese Capitalist Revolution -- and you can be a part of it. But few Americans know how to invest in the stock market of China. I'm here to help.

Quality Research is the Key to Better Investing

My name is Jim Trippon, and I'm the founder and editor-in-chief of China Stock Digest, which, according to Dow Jones, contains "the top performing China research available anywhere." Last year, in fact, the stock investment picks in my model portfolio returned over 58% for our readers -- were you able to get similar returns by investing in the U.S. last year? I've been doing business in China for years, and my stock market research firm is the largest in Mainland China.

The China market is the growth market of the twenty-first century -- but you can't just pick a random portfolio of Chinese stocks and expect to reap the rewards of the Chinese economic miracle. As with any market, there are winners and losers in China. Mutual funds and ETFs offer no short cut to success either, since government regulations often require them to invest in poorly performing state-owned enterprises. Only with quality research on the China stock market will you be able to cash in on China's historic transformation from Communism to a market economy.

Hereís What Our Readers Are Saying About My Research

We are fully invested in 27 of the 30 companies that China Stock Digest recommends. I have 2 stocks that are down out of 27. I think that is AMAZING. I just canít believe the record of what the China Stock Digest recommends. Ė Richard T. Tampa, FL

Iíve used my background in biophysics and extending that in the area of investing. I have subscribed to China Stock Digest for the last few months and used the information and done very well. Up more than 100%. Ė Dr M Haas

I have probably invested in about 75% of Jimís picks. I think he is very astute in identifying trading at very low valuations with very high growth rates. His selections have exceeded my expectations dramatically. Without a doubt the bulk of my return are through those stocks. Ė George G. New York, NY

My Free Gifts to You

I'd like to offer you my latest research -- Secrets That New China Investors Need to Know -- completely free of charge. And that's not all: You'll also receive my weekly China Miracle Report featuring up-to-date news and commentary on the Chinese economy and financial markets.

Whether you're a beginner investing for the first time, or an experienced financial market professional, China is where you need your money to be. But if you're still unconvinced, consider these facts:

  • Over the past twenty-five years, China's economy has grown at an average annual rate of 9.5%. Most economists see an 8-10% growth rate for the foreseeable future, whereas the U.S. economy is struggling to expand by a mere 3% per year.
  • China's growth has occurred in spite of the government's macroeconomic controls intended to slow the growth rate!
  • .China's foreign-currency reserves now top $1 trillion -- this virtually guarantees stability.
  • China is predicted to become the largest economy in the world -- overtaking the U.S. -- sometime between 2030 and 2035.
  • In terms of the World Bank's Purchasing Power Parity (PPP, as opposed to GDP), China is already the world's #2 economy.
  • All of this growth has happened while far too many Chinese remain in poverty -- as they climb their way out and the Chinese consumer class matures, the resulting boom will be unprecedented in economic history.
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Jim Trippon, Publisher
China Stock Digest

'Made in China' -- Your Fortune!

I could go on. As a long-time investment manager and financial professional, I am firmly convinced that the emergence of China is the greatest potential for individual investors since the Industrial Revolution -- or perhaps ever. So if you want to capitalize on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, sign up below. You will receive my free report, Secrets That New China Investors Need to Know, and my weekly China Miracle Report at the e-mail address you provide. You'll also be given information on how to receive my premium research, with individual Chinese stock reports, which has made literally millions of dollars for my readers.

So if you want to join the thousands of Americans making millions by investing in China, sign up for my free report and weekly commentary below. You have nothing to lose, and literally millions to gain. But don't delay -- this offer may not last. Sign up today and cash in on the Chinese economic miracle!
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